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Community Based Drinking Water Projects (CDWS)

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic requirement for healthy living. Water borne diseases are by far the greatest health hazard and account for the maximum number of diseases are deaths world-wide.

The non-availability of clean, safe drinking water is a life-threatening health hazard most experienced in developing countries and particularly in poor rural communities. This issue has been well recognized by international bodies like the United Nations, The World Bank (WHO) and responsible Governments all over the world.

UNISUN TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD. (UTPL) is an innovative company in Bangalore, India who have been working in the challenging area of Clean Energy Technologies, Products and Services.

UTPL has undertaken a mission to develop viable, user-friendly, cost effective “Community Drinking Water System” [CDWS]. After two years of intensive study, conceptualization, R & D, product development and testing, UTPL has created unique CDWS – suitable for providing clean, safe drinking water for small communities, especially rural ones. They are also for hospitals, factories….. in every location for clean, drinking water of 1000 liters / day and upwards is a vital need.

UTPL has also formulated a unique business model, which their CDW systems can be run efficiently by a trained rural micro-entrepreneur with minimum or no state support and provide good quality self-employment and value addition to the rural economy.

Contaminations that are to be removed to make water durable are:-

Contaminant WHO Standard
Suspended Solids particle size over 10 microns (10- 4m) < 10 ppm
Pathogen Bacteria and Viruses: 1-10 mircros(10 m3 -10m-4) NIL
Dissolved Solids * (Molecular Size) <10m-8 Free of toxic molecules of Hg, As, Pb

The UTPL – CDW systems are designed to deliver water free of suspended impurities, pathogen (i.e. bacteria and viruses) and the high end high capacity Reverse Osmosis (RO) models can remove dissolved salts upto 40,000 ppm (Sea Water) - to deliver clean, safe drinking water to WHO standards.

Dissolved Solids are Inorganic compounds. Toxic Molecules of Arsemic, mercury, lead etc. and absolutely not permissible. Salts of material sodium, potassium etc., upto safe levels are beneficial. Dissolved solids (inorganic salts) can be reused by RO Systems.

User Friendly All UTPL – CDW systems are designed for reliable, ease of operation and maintenance by one trained operator, who can also run it as a viable business to provide clean drinking water to the local community.

Appropriate Technology: UTPL – CDW systems rely on three basic well-established technologies for purification of water- UF / O3 / RO as described below:

1.  UF - Ultra Filtration (Removes particulate matter and organism upto 10 microns (10-6m)).
2.  O3 - Ozone (Kills all pathogens)
3.  RO - Reverse Osmosis (Removes all pathogens and dissolved solids).

The three basic technologies above are used simply or in combination to provide reliable clean, safe drinking water depending upon the contamination type of available water.