Solar Thermal

Solar Mass Cooking System (Can Cook food for upto 300people/day to 1,00,00people/day and above)

Solar steam cooking system is an efficient and hygienic type of cooking solution for Industrial/ Institutional Canteens, Religious Places. Volatile fuel costs and climate change issues have compelled mankind to look for alternative sources of energy generation, which are clean and sustainable. The steam generation by Solar Parabolic Concentrators is a tested and proven technology. Several users in India are successfully using solar steam for cooking and industrial applications. Apart from its commercial viability the system is pollution free, eco friendly, silent and provides pure energy for cooking food.

Concentartors Manufactured by Unisun

Solar Sterilisation/ Laundry System

Effective sterilisation/ laundry system is vital to successful and efficient functioning of any healthcare/ hospitality facility.

By accurately and routinely monitoring sterilistaion/ laundry and disinfection procedures, you can quickly identify potential problems and rectify them before the patient/ guest are affected.

But there is a dark side to the process of sterilisation/ laundry, which often is not highlighted. To a large extent sterilistaion/ laundry system process is carried out through steam in large healthcare/ hospitality facilities and the steam to carry out the sterilisation/laundry operations is generated by one or the other form of fossil fuel(s) like, diesel, furnace oil, kerosene or LDO. All the above-mentioned fossil fuels release harmful gases and particulate material into the atmosphere there by polluting the atmosphere. It may be noted that 1 liter of diesel when combusted releases 2.58 kgs of CO2 ( Carbon Di Oxide) into the atmosphere.

Solar Community Cookers Solar Baking Oven (Can Cook food for upto 25 people / day to 100 people / day and above)

10 Sq.mts.

Solar Drying (Industrial / Agricultural)

Solar Heating of outdoor air to meet ventilation or process air heating loads is one of the most cost effective solar applications. These systems offer high solar collection efficiencies and low construction cost. Heating of ventilation air is a 12 - month load in industrial processes and tropical crop drying. Because the inlet air temperature is equal to the ambient air temperature heat losses are low and efficiency is high.

A solar air heater may be defined as “a device, which converts solar radiation into heat in terms of increasing enthalpy of air”. The device is usually very simple. It comprises of an absorber, which acts as an energy converter, an air channel and a clear top cover as an option. When air passes below the absorber resulting in a temperature rise or, in other words hot air is obtained. The hot air may be used for space heating or drying.

Solar Water Heating Systems (Industrial / Domestic)

Seifert Solar Cookers (Domestic Series)