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CLEAN ENERGY- all sources of energy that are renewable, sustainable and do not degrade our fragile environment. This movement is an unstoppable worldwide effort to use only clean energy sources in future. CLEAN 2003 is organised by Pradeep Deviah & Associates Pvt. Ltd., India's leading Exhibition Organisers and Event Managers and supported by Unisun Technologies Limited, Publishers of World Clean Energy Buyers Guide & Directory.

The pioneering success of our first two expos, Smiles 99 and Smiles 2000 highlighted, the tremendous worldwide future for clean energy. This prompted Unisun Technologies to collaborate with Pradeep Deviah & Associates Pvt. Ltd., to organise something even more colossal than both Smiles 99 / Smiles 2000 put together. CLEAN 2003 will be held between 20-23 February, 2003, in Bangalore, India with the motive of being a catalyst for worldwide business activities in all fields connected with clean energy and to increase public awareness, especially in the light of high prices and shortage of fossil fuels and overwhelming environmental concerns.

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