Unisun Technologies

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Unisun Technologies Pvt. Ltd

In the days to come, both domestic and commercial customers will be forced to look at alternative, sustainable sources of energy. Unisun Technologies, a Duroflex group concern, strives to promote technically and commercially viable clean energy products and services worldwide.

Founded in 2000, Unisun has the potential to become a lead player in the group tomorrow. Unisun has a range of products across the Solar (Thermal and Photovoltaic), Bio-fuel, Bio-mass, Waste-to-energy, Small Hydro and Wind Energy spectrum. Based in Bangalore, Unisun has clients in the domestic, corporate and industrial segments.

Towards furthering the need to concentrate on sustainable energy sources, Unisun has also organized two international events in Bangalore with participants from India and abroad.

Duroflex Pvt. Ltd

What began as a small plant in Alleppey, Kerala is now a leading Indian and international brand.

Over the years, Duroflex has evolved from a mattress manufacturing plant to a sleep products company with a wide range that includes pillows, cushions, spring mattresses, polyurethine foam and high-tech comfort systems. With products used extensively in homes and in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

A member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), Duroflex had 8 factories across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh which are ISO 9001:2000 certified by the American Quality Association (AQA)

Duroflex has 60 stockists and over 3000 distributors across India.

CocoLatex Pvt. Ltd

An export-oriented unit and a group company, Cocolatex specializes in 100% natural and eco-friendly mattresses.

Manufactured strictly from 100% natural rubber and natural coconut fiber, Cocolatex products are in great demand in the environment-conscious markets of Europe. Made to exacting 5852:1990 specifications, some of these products are made with 100%natural expandable graphite and are fire-retardant. Our processes are designed to encourage minimal waste and optimum recycling.

CocoLatex’s manufacturing and R&D centers are located in Kerala for easy access to the natural ingredients. CocoLatex’s own manufacturing facilities at Munnilave, Palai are where the latex foam products are manufactured.

The largest exporters of mattresses from India, CocoLatex products are certified by ECO Institute, Germany, LGA, Germany, Oeiko Tex – Standard 100, Germany and SATRA, UK.

Alleppey Latex

Established in 1994, Alleppey Latex is a group concern and deals with centrifuged latex production. Alleppey Latex sources natural latex from its own organic plantations as well as others and has its Crumb Rubber factory at Palai. A major share of the production of Alleppey Latex is consumed by Duroflex and CocoLatex.

Centrifuged latex is the raw material for the manufacture of rubber based products like foam rubber, elastic thread, balloons etc. Alleppey Latex is also in the process of putting up a natural rubber gloves factory at Palai to cater to both the domestic and international markets. Plans are also afoot to export processed latex.

Alleppey Latex is in the process of obtaining Organic Certification by one of Germany’s leading certifying organizations. For more on Alleppey Latex, do write to alleppeylatex@hotmail.com